• Head of the computer department, King Abdulaziz University Hospital Previously
    • Head of the Department of Nose, Ear and Throat, King Saud Sabfa University
      Formerly President of the Saudi Association for the Naf, Authorization and Throat
    • Former head of the Nose and Pockets Research Chair
    • Certificate of Professionalism in the Design, Development and Implementation of Network Programs (Microsoft)
    • An analyst, programmer and supervisor for the design, development and implementation of the comprehensive health system, which works in hospitals of the Ministry of Health from 2004 and in private sector hospitals from 2009
    • Development and application of virtual clinics during the Corona pandemic
    • A systems analyst and professional programmer who oversees the design and development of a virtual healthcare probe application
    • Former member of the Smart Card Committee, Saudi Ministry of Health
      Member of the Information Technology Committee, the Industrial Chamber of Commerce, Riyadh
    • Project Management Professional

    Quality certificate of application of standards

    Quality healthcare from CBAHI

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