More efficient health care Data Management,Processing,
    Integration and Analysis.

    Run the Clinics, ADT,ICU,ER,OR, Radiology,Laboratory,Pharmacy
    and supporting services

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    Our Projects

    Comprehensive Health Solution

    Comprehensive HIS

    Patient & Appointment, EMR,Admission & Discharge, Laboratory

    Comprehensive ERP

    Accounting, Billing, Insurance, Pharmacy/Inventory

    Comprehensive Booking app

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    Comprehensive Analytics

    Key Performance Indicator(KPI), Data Mining, Business Intelligence (BI)

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    Integration with Healthcare systems

    Helps facilities run successful
    businesses by connecting their
    financial and operational systems to a central database
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    Revenue Cycle Management

    Track and analyze financial metrics to maximize profits with help of RCM Tools 

    It starts with patient registration and ends in collection

    Avoid claim denials

    RCM  KPI

    Comprehensive Health Solution

    Run MOH Hospitals since 2004 and Private Hospital since 2009

    Just a few of our clients

    General Public Hospital
    Riyadh Regional Health Affair
    Taif Health Affair
    Asir Health Affair

    Private Hospital
    Al Falah International Hospital
    Al Salam Hospital

    Excellent Certificate

    Comprehensive Health had 100% certificate from MOH for the quality of work and its support


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